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Acer X112

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Product description

Acer X112

Suitable for
  • 20% Business
  • 20% School
  • 60% Private

Acer X112 - practical projector for beginners

The Acer X112 offers value for money for any customer looking for an entry-level projector.

Considering its moderate price the Acer X112 projector delivers images in a relatively high quality. In comparison with its predecessors X110 and X110P especially the contrast has been significantly improved. The contrast ratio now is 13000:1. The Acer X112 review also praises the good black level. Another improvement is the added Extreme Eco mode, which helps you to save even more energy. In all the maintenance costs of the Acer X112 are very moderate.

The DLP 3D ready function is particularly attractive for schools, as it allows you to project 3D contents from your PC, for instance animated contents for biology classes. This feature requires DLP 3D shutter glasses, which Acer offers as well.

The Acer X112 has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and works with a 4:3 format. Its brightness level is 2700 lumens. With its excellent contrast ratio and good black level the image quality is even good, when you are projecting darker images.

Connectivity options include a VGA input for PCs and notebooks and composite video and S-Video inputs. This means, video signals from devices like a DVD player can be transmitted as well. A USB type B input can be used to remote control purposes.

With its optics the Acer X112 achieves an image of 2m width from a distance of 390 to 430cm.

Accessories include a power cable, VGA cable, IR remote control with batteries, CD manual, quick start guide and PIN security card.

In summary the Acer X112 can be regarded as a worthy successor to the previous models of the X-series. Like them the Acer X112 offers good quality at a fair price.

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  • Product dimensions (height): 8 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 26.8 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 19.2 cm
Technical data


Array Acer
Name Acer X112
SKU 1130673
Manufacturers Code / SKU MR.JG611.00H
Products EAN 4712196504090
Application Projector for private use
ANSI lumens 2700
ANSI lumens (eco) 2160 ANSI lumens
Resolution 800 x 600 SVGA
Contrast 13000 : 1
Operating noise eco 26 dB
Lamp life 5000 hours
Projection ratio 1.95–2.15 :1
Inputs cinch video inputs, D-SUB 15pin (VGA), S-Video, USB-B
Product dimensions (width) 26.8 cm
Product dimensions (height) 8 cm
Product dimensions (depth) 19.2 cm
Product weight (net) 2.2 kg
Weight 3.3 kg
Warranty 24 months
Condition New
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