Panasonic PT-LX22E

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Panasonic PT-LX22E

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Product description

Panasonic PT-LX22E

Suitable for
  • 60% Business
  • 40% School


The business projectors, the PT-LX-or PT-LW-Series are compact, portable general-purpose projectors at a very reasonable price. They are extremely user friendly and have a number of useful additional features, Including qucik start up time. The lamp has a long life of up to 4,000 hours and the filter must only after 4000 Hours. be replaced. In addition, these projectors can use the customer's logo is displayed as the startup screen and projection onto whiteboards and chalkboards are appropriate modes to choose from. For models PT-LW25HE, PT and PT-LX30HE LX26HE also an automatic iris control is integrated. It provides for bright scenes to dark scenes with bright images and a very good contrast (3,000:1 up). In addition, these models have a built-in speaker, network connection (for administration via LAN) and an extended connection panel.
• Blackboard mode for projecting onto colored surfaces (eg Blackboard)
• Logo for start-up image transfer with customer's logo (via RS232)
• cooling of the lamp and power cord with abgestecktem
• Low standby power consumption (0.4 watts in standby)
• Integrated Presentation Timer
• Digital Zoom (Image Areas)
• freeze function
• HE-only models: automatic iris control, extended connection panel, administration via LAN, built-in speakers
Power cable, VGA cable, remote control, User manual (on CD-ROM)
Software for logo-transfer.
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  • Product dimensions (height): 10.5 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 34.9 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 24.7 cm
Technical data


Manufacturer Panasonic
Name Panasonic PT-LX22E
Weight 0 kg
SKU 1370562
Application Office projector
Resolution 1024 x 768 XGA
Contrast 500 : 1
ANSI lumens 2200
Projection ratio 1.7–2 :1
Operating noise 37 dB
Operating noise eco 29 dB
Lamp life 3000 hours
Projector features Direct power on/off, with remote
Inputs cinch video inputs, D-SUB 15pin (VGA), RS232
Condition New
Warranty 36 months
Product dimensions (width) 34.9 cm
Product dimensions (height) 10.5 cm
Product dimensions (depth) 24.7 cm
Product weight (net) 0 kg
Manufacturers Code / SKU PT-LX22E
Products EAN 5025232665525
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