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Optoma HD151X

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Optoma HD151X

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Optoma HD151X - Easy-to-use 3D Full HD Projector

The Optoma HD151X doesn't only offer excellent image quality but it is also easy to set up thanks to its vertical lens shift function.

A good home cinema projector has to deliver great images and amongst other features needs a powerful and flexible lens. These are often limited with DLP projectors - but not in case of the Optoma HD151X. This home cinema projector has a flexible 1.5x zoom meaning it can be situated in a range of positions. For example it can project an image of 2m width from a distance between 275 and 410cm. This gives you more leeway than other DLP home cinema projectors. The good zoom is not the only feature that sets it apart from the competition, the vertical lens shift of about +20 degrees is very useful if you want to mount the HD151X to the ceiling. If the projector is situated on a table, it can shift the image upwards without having to change the position of the projector. As this is an optical lens shift, there will be no loss of image quality unlike with digital keystone correction. 

The Optoma HD151X projector has a powerful built-in 30W speaker system consisting of two 15W stereo speakers which can provide decent sound. In average size living rooms the sound quality would be excellent, both for films and gaming. And if you take your projector along to friends, you will not have to find or bring external speakers but can rely fully on the built-in speakers.

Gamers will be happy to discover the Gaming Mode which adapts response times and provides perfect synchronicity even in very fast action and racing sequences. Film fans will love the direct 24p frames per second (fps)  which displays movies in exactly the way the director intended it. If you want to watch in 3D, you can choose from two types of 3D glasses, either DLP Link or RF technology with ZF2100. The latter gives you an even better 3D picture as the glasses work more seamlessly via radio signal. It makes the images more stable and smooth and you keep the connection with the screen when you turn your head away. You also have the option to add a WHD200 wireless streaming system with the receiver connected via HDMI and USB. 

The DLP projector has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in 16:9 format. The brightness level of 2800 lumens is good, also in 3D mode. The Optoma HD151X review also highlights the excellent contrast ratio of 28000:1 which does not let you down in darker film scenes. With 27dB in Eco Mode the projector also has a pleasantly low fan noise.

The connectivity options are varied and include one HDMI and one DVI connection (DVI-D), both digital. There are also two VGA inputs and one VGA output. Older video devices can be connected via composite video and S-Video. The projector can be controlled and monitored via RS232 and the 12V trigger connection via 3.5mm mini-jack gives you the connection to a screen. Maintenance via USB type B connection and a speaker connection with 3.5mm audio-jack or alternatively composite audio are available as well. A USB type A connect provides the power for your optional WHD200 receiver.

The accessories of the HD151X include a power cable, quick start guide, remote control with batteries and CD manual.

In summary, this Optoma projector is a very attractive home cinema projector with convincing features, including its impressive stereo speakers. These are hard to find in other projectors.

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  • Product dimensions (height): 16.2
  • Product dimensions (width) : 38.6
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 28 cm
Technical data


Manufacturer Optoma
Name Optoma HD151X
SKU 1300886
Products EAN 5055387600188
Application 3D projector, Home cinema / HD projector
Product Type DLP
ANSI lumens 2800
ANSI lumens (eco) 0 ANSI lumens
Resolution 1920 x 1080 HDTV
Format 16:9
Contrast 28000 : 1
Operating noise 0 dB
Operating noise eco 27 dB
Power consumption On Mode 0 watt
Lamp code FX.PM584-2401
Lamp life 2500 hours
Projection ratio 1.37-2.05 :1
Zoom ratio 1.5 x
Lens Shift vertical 0 %
Horizontal lens shift 0 %
Vertical keystone correction 40 °
Horizontal keystone correction 0 °
Inputs 12V trigger, 3.5mm mini jack, antenna inputs, BNC inputs, CA module inputs, Component Inputs, composite, composite video, composite video inputs, digital coax inputs, display, DVI-D, DVI-I, Ethernet, HDMI, HDSDI ouputs, M1DA (DVI), microphone inputs, mini HDMI, optical coax inputs, PC slots, PCMCIA, phono inputs, RS232, S-Video inputs, Total Firewire Ports, USB type A, USB type B, VGA Inputs
Outputs 12V trigger outputs, 3.5mm mini jack outputs, 5 x BNC (RGBHV) ouputs, BNC outputs, composite outputs, composite video outputs, composite video outputs, digital coax outputs, display port outputs, DVI-D outputs, DVI-I outputs, HDMI outputs, HDSDI outputs, M1DA (DVI) outputs, Min-HDMI outputs, optical coax outputs, power out, preamp Outputs, Subwoofer, Total S-Video Out Ports, VGA outputs, YUV Component (RGB) ouputs
Projector features Integrated speaker, Lens Shift, Remote control, Remote control, WLAN
Product dimensions (width) 38.6
Product dimensions (height) 16.2
Product dimensions (depth) 28 cm
Product weight (net) 4.5 kg
Weight 4.5 kg
Colour Black
Delivery contents AC Netzkabel, Back-lit Infrarotfernbedienung mit Batterien, Quick Start Card, CD Gebrauchsanleitung, Garantiekarte
Condition New
Lens 0
Ratio 1.37
Lamp type Metal halide lamp
Warranty 24 months
Warranty type Bringin service
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Outstanding performance. Very quiet. Easy to use backlit remote. Comprehensive manual.read morehide review
Review by Martyn Squire Posted on 29/07/2015
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