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Projector brands - the top brands

There is a wide choice of projectors on the market which makes selecting the right one very difficult.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top projector brands on Projectorshop24. Via ‘projectors by brand’ it will be easy to identify the right projector for your needs. Whether it is an Acer, Epson, Optoma or Panasonic projector: we have listed the advantages and key features for each brand as well as some test results in our blog.

You can always contact our team of experts for further advice.

Projector technology: DLP, 3LCD etc

The projector technology does not only determine what you see but also how you see it: good colour representation or strong contrasts, well-lit projection or an image projection rich in detail.

For the home cinema enthusiasts, rich colours and a detailed image representation are very important, whereas for a business presentation in a bright meeting room, the brightness of the projector is a key factor.

The most commonly used technologies are DLP (Digital Light Processing) and 3LCD (3 Panel Liquid Crystal Display).

Each projector technology has its advantages:

  • DLP provides excellent contrast and good image quality but is less bright.
  • 3LCD is characterised by rich and vibrant colours and good brightness (ANSI lumens) but lower contrast.
  • Newer technologies such as LCoS and SXRD as well as the innovative technologies using LEDs and lasers as a light source provide significantly better image quality, are energy-saving and also provide a long lamp life.

At Projectorshop24 you will find projectors using all well known technologies: from 3LCD to LCoS.

Business, home cinema or education: the right projector for each application

Projectors are available for many different applications and offer a wide range of functionality and features.

Under this category, projectors are listed by application.

Office projectors are suitable for business use and public organisations.

Pico and mobile projectors und are your ideal companion when travelling. They are suitable when mobility is required for external training or seminars for instance.

This category lists projectors suitable for the education sector.

High-end home cinema projectors, HD projectors and the latest 4K projectors are suitable for the highest demands and best entertainment.

Projector replacement lamps: 3,000 lamps in stock

Under this category, projector replacements lamps for most projector models are listed.

We differentiate between an original replacement lamp, a UHR lamp (Ultra High Pressure Replacement lamp) and a compatible module.

With an extensive stock holding of about 3,000 lamps, we can ensure fast supply.

Projector accessories: the essential extras

What would a 3D projector be without 3D glasses? Or an installation projector without an installation bracket or a presentation projector without a laser presenter?

To prevent you from a long search, we have collated the essential projector accessories for you.

Under projector accessories, you will find compatible 3d glasses, projector brackets for wall and ceiling installation.

And yes, for home cinema enthusiasts we even offer a retro popcorn machine.

For home cinema users and business customers, we hold a large stocks of projector lenses, various adapters and projector cases.

To prevent theft, we provide anti-theft protection devices.

Projector purchasing checklist

With so many technical terms, it can be confusing and you can easily lose track. With our purchasing checklist, we have tried to capture the key features. More comprehensive information is available in our buyers guide.

  • Applications (Home cinema or Business)
  • Projector technology (DLP, 3LCD, LCoS, SXRD)
  • Installation / orientation (Room size, mounting type, distance to the screen)
  • Resolution / format (HD, Full HD, 4K)
  • Brightness (Measured in ANSI lumens: the higher the value, the brighter the image)
  • Contrast (The higher the value, the better the contrast)
  • Volume (Projectors above 32dB are considered noisy)
  • Connections (Digital and analog, audio and video, control ports)
  • Features (3D, lens shift, optical zoom, keystone correction)
Projector purchasing checklistProjector purchasing checklist PDF download