Epson EB-2245U

Epson EB-2245U
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Product description

Epson EB-2245U

Suitable for
  • 80% Business
  • 20% School

Epson EB-2245U - High resolution multimedia projector

Besids its crisp WUXGA resolution, the Epson EB-2245U offers many features, which make it a versatile Multimedia projector.

High Resolution

The WUXGA resolution that the Epson EB-2245U offers, allows for versatile use. The resolution of WUXGA is particularly effective in high detail presentations. Even when it comes to Excel spreadsheets, the EB-2245U has its advantages with the higher resolution allowing for more columns can be displayed. Watching films are also not a problem, because the full-HD resolution is covered in the WUXGA resolution.

Gesture control

An innovation feature that can be found in this Epson projector is the gesture control. This requires a connection via WLAN or USB cable (in addition to HDMI). The image is then slightly reduced allowing a toolbar to be displayed next to the image which allows the user to scroll through the presentation. This means you can have your hands free and no other hardware is required while you are in front of your projection.


Built in wireless, allowing content such as presentations, pictures, and text to be sent to the projector without cabling means the Epson EB-2245U price is appealing. The WLAN function can be used by a notebook, smartphone or tablet. Epson offers free software for the respective platforms. Windows and Mac programs are available for the notebook, and the Epson iProjection app for tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS. The WLAN function is a little restricted in transmission strength, which means a transfer of videos is not recommended.


In terms of flexibility, the Epson EB-2245U is up there with the best. It offers a variable zoom lens which for example can produce a 2 m image width at a distance between approximately 315 and 515 cm. The vertical and horizontal keystone correction is helpful when setting up the image on the screen. With vertical +/- 30 degrees and horizontal +/- 20 degrees, squaring up the image is no problem.

Other features

Other features of the Epson EB-2245U include its 3-in-1 USB display, through which it transmits image, sound and control data. If a conventional connection is not available, this is a good alternative. The MHL-capable HDMI connection is just as practical. Here, MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets can be connected directly to the projector via a cable in order to project content.


The 3LCD projector uses the 1920 x 1200 pixels of WUXGA resolution in 16:10 format. Its light output is at 4200 lumens which is a good level. The contrast of 15,000: 1 offers an appealing black value. In our Epson EB-2245U review it performed particularly well for showing pictures and sports.


In terms of connectivity, the Epson 2245U is exemplary. Two HDMI inputs (one of which is MHL-capable), a VGA input and a VGA output, which can also be used as an input, are available for PC, notebook and other sources. For older video material is an RCA video connection is available. For the control it offers an RS232 and a LAN connection. The control is also possible via the USB Type B connection. A USB Type A port is available for use as a JPEG Reader. The internal 16 watt loudspeaker is fed via a 3.5 mm jack or stereo RCA connectors. A 3.5 mm audio output is also available, along with its WLAN interface.


In the box you will find a power cable, a VGA cable, a remote control with batteries, a WLAN unit as well as software and instructions on CD-ROM.


In conclusion, the Epson Projector is an attractive multimedia projector that makes a good impression on all types of presentations. Even the presentation of films or football matches is no problem for this projector making the Epson EB-1945U price more appealing.

Epson EB-2245U Specs


  • Product dimensions (height): 11
  • Product dimensions (width) : 37.7
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 29.1 cm
Technical data


Manufacturer Epson
Name Epson EB-2245U
SKU 1161380
Manufacturers Code / SKU V11H816040
Products EAN 8715946628509
Application Office projector
Product Type LCD
ANSI lumens 4200
ANSI lumens (eco) 3100 ANSI lumens
Resolution 1920 x 1200 WUXGA
Format 16:10
Contrast 15000 : 1
Operating noise 37
Operating noise eco 28
Lamp code 215
Lamp life 5000 hours
Projection ratio 1.57-2.58 :1
Zoom ratio 1 x
Lens Shift vertical 0
Horizontal lens shift 0
Vertical keystone correction 30
Horizontal keystone correction 20
Inputs 3.5mm mini jack, composite video, Ethernet, HDMI, RS232, USB type A, USB type B, VGA Inputs
Outputs 3.5mm mini jack outputs, VGA outputs
Projector features Direct Power off, Integrated speaker, OrbitVu 360° Images, Quick Start, Remote control, Remote control, USB Display
Product dimensions (width) 37.7
Product dimensions (height) 11
Product dimensions (depth) 29.1 cm
Product weight (net) 4.8
Weight 6.6 kg
Colour White
Delivery contents VGA-Kabel, Stromkabel, Fernbedienung incl. Batterien, Software (CD), Benutzerhandbuch (CD-ROM), Garantiekarte, W-LAN-Einheit
Condition New
Ratio 1.57
Lamp type Metal halide lamp
inputs value 1 x x_input_usbtype_a, 1 x x_input_usbtype_b, 1 x x_input_35_mm_mini_jack, 1 x x_input_cinch_video, 1 x x_input_dsub_15pin_vga, 1 x x_input_hdmi, 1 x x_input_rj45, 1 x x_input_rs232
outputs value 1 x x_output_35_mm_mini_jack, 1 x x_output_dsub_15pin_vga
Product Width 38.6
Warranty 36 months
Warranty type Bringin service
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