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Acer S1210 - ColorBoost

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Product description

Acer S1210 - ColorBoost

Suitable for
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The Acer S1210 Short Throw Video Projector offers great projection with minimum distance in meeting and class rooms and home for film, games and television. Due to the special lens, the Acer S1210 is projected at a distance of only one meter to display an image area with a diagonal of more than two meters. The native XGA resolution with bright 2,500 ANSI lumens and a 4,000:1 high contrast ratio of projected even in daylight a crisp and bright image. The Acer Color Boost II + technology with 6-segment color wheel and DLP ™ BrilliantColor ™ 3D provide ready DarkChip ™ 3, the latest digital projection standard for optimized color performance for rich, vivid and brilliant colors.
- Acer Color Boost II + Technology
- 3D DLP BrilliantColor 0.55 "DarkChip 3
- Brilliant, 6-segment color wheel
- Resolution Native XGA (1,024 x 768)
-> 2 meter diagonal with only one meter away
- Bright 2,500 ANSI lumens
- Sharp 4,000:1 Contrast
- Up to 6000 hours lamp life
- 1 year warranty on the lamp
EURO power cable, VGA cable, IR remote control with PgUp / PgDn function, Batteries for remote control
Lens cover, manual on CD, printed Quick Start Guide, PIN security card
First What is Acer Color Boost II?
Acer Color Boost II is the development of successful and innovative color technology boost. For an even more brilliant picture uses the Acer Color Boost II technology + an advanced image processing algorithm, and the latest DLP ® BrilliantColor ™ DarkChip ™ by Texas Instruments. In conjunction with a sophisticated lighting control technology (Osram / Unishape ™, Philips / VIDI ™) and an optimized 6-segment color wheel Color Boost II + provides for unparalleled image quality.
Second What does Acer Color Boost II?
- Brilliant, natural color projection based on the sRGB standard
- Adjusted to optimize color temperature on the projection brightness (Acer perfect color)
- Input signal optimization for the best projection, regardless of the connection - Efficient and bright illumination (the projection with Acer Color Boost II + is 50% lighter)
- Reduced noise (fan noise, depending on model, up to almost inaudible 24dBA)
- A lamp life, depending on model, up to 5,000 hours (Osram / Philips manufacturer quality)
Third The advantage of Acer Color Boost II:
- (™ by Osram / Unishape; Philips / VIDI) The new Acer Color Boost II + image processing algorithm in combination with the latest DLP ® BrilliantColor ™ chip technology, the advanced light-control technology and an optimized 6-segment color wheel projected vibrant and natural colors that never fade.
(If no projectors DLP ® technology, it comes over time to a decrease in color brilliance)
- Brilliant on the woodchip wallpaper - clearly visible in daylight projection.
- Safety in case of power failure or sudden pulling the plug. The lamps with Acer Color Boost II technology does not explode
and take no damage (Acer recommends that you feed the projector to stop the fan with power).
Acer Color Boost II provides:
- Significantly higher brilliance and natural, lifelike colors
- Uniform and 50% brighter projection
- Zero maintenance DLP ® with digital technology without changing the filter
- High quality manufacturer of safety lamp from Osram and Philips
- Extends lamp life to 5,000 hours depending on model
- Easy Plug and Play operation with Acer Empowering Technology
Acer Color Boost II is the latest combination of innovative projection technology: lately, DLP ™ BrilliantColor ™ chip, advanced light-control technology and an optimized color wheel with at least 6 segments.
Acer PIN Security provides the option of setting a password to protect the projector from unauthorized use.
Acer Color Boost II projectors are ready to project with the Quick Start Technology in less than 15 seconds and see through the quick detection function source connected fast, reliably and independently.
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  • Product dimensions (height): 10.4 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 27.2 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 22.9 cm
Technical data


Array Acer
Name Acer S1210 - ColorBoost
SKU 1130499
Manufacturers Code / SKU EY.JDW05.001
Products EAN 4717276695811
Application Short throw projector
ANSI lumens (eco) 2300 ANSI lumens
Resolution 1024 x 768 XGA
Contrast 4000 : 1
Operating noise 31 dB
Operating noise eco 26 dB
Lamp life 6000 hours
Projection ratio 0.61 :1
Inputs Cinch-Video, D-SUB 15pin (VGA), RS232, S-Video, USB-B
Outputs D-SUB 15pin (VGA)
Projector features with remote
Product dimensions (width) 27.2 cm
Product dimensions (height) 10.4 cm
Product dimensions (depth) 22.9 cm
Product weight (net) 0 kg
Weight 0 kg
Warranty 24 months
Condition New
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