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BenQ W1200

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BenQ W1200

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The W1200 is a stunning Full HD projector from BenQ

Frame Interpolation
This particular method increases the image sharpness, especially in fast moving scenes. So you can enjoy your favorite sporting events and action movies in stutter free-quality!
The frame interpolation calculates the ever-changing picture movement and re-smooth the image edges for smooth motion without blurring effects in action movies and sports events. This can give a more "Home Video" look however.
Full HD - 1080p
The BenQ W1200 resolution currently has the highest possible resolution. Full HD (1080p) allows you to display a beautiful image details that makes each projection to a true visual experience!
Full HD - optimal visualization
The optimized BenQ optical system consists of a 12-element lens that ensures a clear focus to improve your Full HD images.
85% NTSC color scale
BenQ has added to the color wheel by the so-called coating technology, which enables the display of true and very natural colors through the color spectrum of the higher RGBRGB color wheel, in which a saturation of 85% (previously 72%) NTSC takes place.
Improved brightness and greater contrast
1800 ANSI lumens brightness and an impressive high contrast ratio of 5000:1 ensures excellent rendered image projections in high definition home-theater quality.
With virtually no color loss is the BenQ W1200 projector for a more reliable color reproduction and does not need the annoying yellow-green color, which usually occurs after a longer useful life.
ISFccc certified calibration
Get perfectly calibrated images home!
The W1200 is equipped with two ISFccc certified calibration modes (Imaging Sciencce Foundation) for Day and night conditions and adjusts to the realities of your home theater to automatically and perfectly.
Adjustable Color Management System
The color management system gives you the freedom of the fine adjustment of color, contrast, brightness, color temperature, gamma and white balance - depending on your preferences and location of your W1200. For the output of various sources for example Blu-ray player or games console sets the optimum settings are saved and each time - is available - simply by pressing a button.
Clear filter
The filter-free design from DLP ® saves you additional costs for a filter change and makes the associated maintenance costs are also unnecessary.
20 watt SRS WOW HD ™ surround sound
Experience the "WOW HD ™ sound surrond" thanks to the two integrated 10-watt stereo speakers deliver the powerful bass and clear highs. This technology improves the dynamic audio performance with a wider horizontal coverage and an expanded vertical sound.
In addition, the speakers are protected against shocks for more sound stability.
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  • Product dimensions (height): 13.9
  • Product dimensions (width) : 33.9
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 26 cm
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